Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pillowcases, Bread, and Pools...Oh my!

Here are the three new pillowcases I made for Cora. I showed them to her so she could pick which one would go on her pillow next. She chose the horses (od-dis), but she also remembered she has a dress that Granma Jan and I made her from the flowered fabric, even though she hasn't worn the dress since last summer.

Daddy's first loaf of beautiful bread out of his new bread cookbook. We're finding that we have to fiddle with the pre-baking rising time a little, though it could also be due to our oven's whackedness - but when Chris complained on the 4th that he thought his baguettes were a little too dense, Sophie turned to me and said, "But this is the way I like them!"

And, the pool came out this weekend. Note the clever little shade half-shell that attaches to the pool via hard plastic hinge-like pegs.

Yes, she looks like she is blowing kisses. She is actually sucking nasty wading pool water off her fingers in a way she thinks I will never notice. If you ask Cora what the pool rules are, she will tell you the rules are:

1. Don't splash Daddy!

2. Don't drink the water!

A third rule is don't rip the sun shade off the pool, but then when she goofs around on it like it's a giant crescent moon slide, well, it is hard to stay stern and disapproving.

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