Saturday, July 5, 2008

Digital camera woes cannot thwart berry happiness.

Sometimes, for reasons unknown, the laptop simply refuses to unload photos from my digital camera. I'm not sure wo to blame for this. Granted, the digital camera is beyond the pale old in technology years, which accumulate even faster than dog years. But, the laptop is no spring chicken either (more of a summer hen) and has a tendency to slowness more often than not.

So, this is mainly a post to say that all the cute pictures I wanted to post are being held captive in the camera. Which is sad! I wanted to show what we have been making here lately, because we have been undergoing a veritable explosion of makingness. Or, at least, I've finally made Cora some new pillowcases and Chris has been making beautiful bread. And I made a fabulous summer berry pie (Lee made it first - I had a piece at his house, came home and made it at my house that night).

Add to this a couple trips to local farmers' markets and the fact that local strawberries are FINALLY HERE and that they smell so freaking good a person can hardly walk by them without being magnetically drawn to them...and I'm feeling pretty happy.

Except for that whole camera thing. And a few other disaapointing small things.

And the mosquito bites.

But, really, mainly...happy.

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