Monday, July 14, 2008

Photo shortage

Remember when my laptop and camera stopped speaking to each other? That may just have been a harbinger of things to come, because now the laptop won't speak to anyone. I'm hoping to have it fixed soon. I'm hoping to get around to downloading photos upstairs (which involves remembering to bring both camera and cord up with me)...because I have some great ones!

Our backyard is slowly becoming more hospitable. Saturday night we had friends over for wading pool-grilling-deck-based fun. And it was fun. And I was grateful all over again that Mom and Dad left their old fridge in our garage because it is pretty sweet to be able to wander into the garage and emerge with a vodka-limeade cooler.

Today the patio project begins. Chris has worked this week on clearing out the underbrush. Now the professionals take over, with their dumpsters and Bobcats and knowing what to do. Soon, there will be no Scary Garden there, just a really nice patio to relax on when the deck is too sunny.

Did I say there would be no Scary Garden? How foolish. The name will just move on to the second scariest garden...which has, no doubt, long been plotting it's assumption of the title.

In Coraland: Her friend Selma just became a big sister to a baby brother. We saw him for the first time at church yesterday. Cora and I came home, she napped, and when she woke up she informed me that Baby Tidoo is now her baby brother. She keeps asking me what baby brother's name is, and when I suggest a name, she says no. When I ask her what his name is she says "don't know". I feel like we are playing a very bizarre existential game.

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