Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day

I should thank February 2012 for tacking on an extra day so that I could post a second time in February. What was up with this month? Although I've sat down at the computer every day to check email, run through Facebook, and do some editing work, I haven't felt like writing. Which is a disappointment to me.

On the other hand, I have been sewing a lot, pursuing quilt ideas and color combinations in a more focused way, and that has been rewarding.

I've done some mild planning on a class I might be teaching in the fall - but I'm leery of putting too much energy into it until I know for sure the class will go. A lot of things are like that right now - waiting to see if something will or won't happen, will or won't work out.

Waiting is not my strong point.

But here it is Leap Day, and I completely forgot to give it the minor holiday attention it apparently now deserves (?). Instead, Cora and I have been too focused on the fact that March 2nd, Friday, is Dr. Seuss's birthday. She tells me that her class is studying Dr. Seuss at school the past couple weeks. Yesterday she wore her Cat in the Hat shirt. She tells me she has decided to wear it until they stop studying Dr. Seuss. While her teacher is used to seeing her wear the same outfit twice in a row, I'm not sure what she would think of a week of the same shirt. I am hoping we can peel it off her little body and wash it at some point.

She already has planned what she will wear for Dr. Seuss's birthday. It includes, of course, the shirt.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What the kids are watching these days

Last night Cora and I were watching TV - she has been adamant about watching House of Anubis on Nick. It seems to be a kind of Dark Shadows for middle schoolers (putting her far below the demographic) - very convoluted plot lines involving kids at a British boarding school and ancient Egyptian curses, myths, and symbology. Frankly, I didn't think she was really following it. But then I asked a question, and she unfurled the whole plot, and while she didn't understand all of it, she had all the plot points nailed in place and even some good insights into character motivation. Huh.

And then a commercial for the latest Twilight saga DVD came on. We see Jacob saying "I know what I have to do." Next clip he is running, shirtless, through the woods.

Cora: "Really? That's what he had to do? Take off his shirt and go running?" Then, a moment later: "Can I have that movie when I'm 12?"

Yes. Yes you can. Right after we watch every episode of Buffy.