Friday, July 25, 2008


Last weekend we spent with some friends at a lakeside cabin - a real treat for us this summer! Driving the boat may have been Cora's favorite part of the trip. Amazingly, she slept great. Woke up once the first night, but went to sleep easily, took naps...I think this vacation really agreed with her. It helped that her friend Julia (whose head is just visible next to her daddy in the picture) was there, too.
One of her many stylish summer outfits - she was tickled by the swing-line shape of the top and couldn't decide if it was a shirt or a dress.

Still queen of Sand Mountain. Still hoping to find a good sandbox.

With her daddy this morning. The word of the day? "Tie-dye!"

p.s. If you hear my girl dropping the F-bomb, don't worry. She's probably asking you to read her Fox in Socks. Not making a suggestion of what you should do with your footwear.


Mimi said...

Ha! What a cute little girl ... and thanks for the note on pronunciation. My Munchkin is learning the french names of all her bath toys ... and seal in french is 'phoque'. Urp.

nora said...

The boat was great - too bad we can't keep driving it all summer - wouldn't it keep them occupied for hours?