Saturday, January 24, 2009

Over waffles this morning

Cora, who has been staring at my face says, "Mama, what's that?" and reaches out to poke the side of my face with a sticky finger.

"That's a mole."

"What's a mole?"

"It's a kind of spot you get sometimes when you get older."

"Hooray! I love spots!" She's bouncing up and down in her chair, clapping.

Well, isn't that easy to say when you're still under three and don't even freckle?


Anonymous said...

I remember when my niece couldn't wait to grow up so she could have hairy legs :-)

Cara said...

Ha! She can have some of my moles if she really wants them! Daniel has a few moles already, but Noah is clear so far. Funny how that works.

Katherine said...

I love cute stories. Teenagers are no longer cute. Let's see, I'm trying to think of something positive, but having trouble. They are good kids deep down! I'll be ready for the time when they turn the corner and realize we are not morons.