Friday, January 2, 2009

All Cheese New Year

For New Year's Day dinner, after Cora went to bed, totally exhausted after being awake all day after staying up all night, Chris and I enjoyed a fondue dinner. The closest I may ever get to an actual all cheese dinner.

I have mixed feelings about both 2008 and 2009. 2008 had a lot of good moments, but in many ways it kind of feels like the year that never quite got off the ground for me - so much that didn't get done, so much that didn't go right. I feel like the last three months especially were just sort of this grimy gray wash of time, interspersed with some great meals, fun outings, and lovely moments of friendship, beauty, and love. But I'd like the ratio to be reversed, for the grime to be less.

And 2009, well, what I can say about the prospects for this year? It is likely we will be moving away from the city and (more importantly) the friends we love. It's the official Year of Potty-Training. Ugh. That's about as much as I care to talk about the 2009 horizon right now, because I pretty quickly get a sinking feeling when I look at the horizon.

Thank goodness, then, that I have a nearly-three year old in the house, for whom that horizon simply does not exist. For whom the new year is simply an excuse to dance.

So, come on in, 2009. Who knows what really lurks within your days?


Mary G said...

She is absolutely adorable. And who knows, she may be a master at quickly learning the potty thing.
I know what you mean about an ambivalent year. Me too.
Best, really best, wishes to you for 2009

Lee Thomas said...

I've been afraid to ask about the job hunt and prospect of moving because I can't stand the thought of you guys leaving. I'm getting choked up even typing this. I keep hoping something will shake out locally so you can stay four blocks away. I suppose this sounds selfish; really, I want whatever is best for you guys.

Cara said...

Ugh, Merie! I hope that the ratio reverses for you, too! I completely understand how you're feeling. The only thing I can say is that now I am dreading leaving Chicago in 18 months, which goes to show you that adjustment to a new place is possible (though I still wish we were back in the Cities - I like Chicago and our neighborhood and the boys' school, but MISS MISS MISS my people!!). The only other silver lining for us is that we will know where you are going so we can look there too when it's Michael's turn to find a new job. I know, I know... grasping for straws to make us both feel better about things out of our control. :-) Thank goodness for Cora. Happy New Year, dear friend!