Friday, January 9, 2009

Just for looking, baby

Cora is fishing in the couch with a plastic coat hanger, which involves wedging the coat hanger between the cushions and then pulling it out again.

Cora: Look what I caught, baby!
Me: What is it?
Cora: An octopus!
Me: Oh! Can we eat him?
Cora: No, baby! Sea creatures are not for eating!
Me: They're not?
Cora: No. Just for looking, baby.


Kath's Yarns said...

Sounds like Cora would like an aquarium! I notice the cat however- this is a problem. Had the most wonderful tea with your in-laws the other day. Winter spice - I think they brought it back from a visit with you. Went on the web, and the stores are all in Minnesota! Knitting? Am making mitered dish towels from Mason Dixon 2. Ravelry?

Katherine Everett

mek said...

Hey Katherine! Yes - TeaSource is local and awesome. My favorite is their Welsh Morning - a pretty straightforward black tea with a big malt taste. Knitting - yes! Soon I will be starting my first pair of socks, as soon as I get over the nerves. I've only seen the first M-D book so far, and have yet to plunge into Ravelry. Are you on Facebook? I heard Jeff was. Nice to talk with you!

Kath's Yarns said...

Socks! Are you reading the Yarn Harlot? I love her! She got me going on my first pair! Start with a pair for Cora - always good to start small. It dawned on me the other day (this is so basic I don't want to admit it) - afraid of a new technique or pattern? Try it on a swatch first! They have to be good for something. My current fear is steeks. I am now getting up the courage to try the swatch - not nearly so bad. Have you made the ballband dishcloth from MD?

I am not on facebook, but Jeff just joined. I'm still trying to get linkedin!

I'm just going to have to dedicate time to the Internet during the week. Time? What time?

Cora looks awfully cute. I loved your holiday letter. Ours has still not come out, so you are defintely not the latest.


Cara said...

Hey, baby! :-) So sweet, thanks for sharing!

mek said...

Katherine - steeks sound terrifying! I am right now doing the ballband dishcloth and love the look. I had Chris send my email address to Jeff via FB to pass on to you!

Cara - yes, I am usually the baby, which is why I can't touch things, and she is the mommy because she is wearing my shoes. Obviously. :)