Thursday, August 9, 2007

Where have we been? Where are the pictures? Part One

We've been basking in the hospitality of New Hampshire for almost a week. We left town the day after the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis – no one we know was on the bridge at the time, so far as we can tell. We really appreciated hearing from so many long-lost friends and relatives (and those not so long-lost as well). At the time we were across the metro area having dinner. I went into the restroom and a waitress was in there making a cell phone call, which I thought was strange, and she was calling to see if someone was okay, because that someone usually takes “the bridge” home and “it's really creepy”. Then we went into the bar area and saw the news. Scary. Our last time on that bridge was a few weeks ago on a shopping trip.

(Just to be clear – we didn't take digital photos. Vacation photos will be coming, but these are post-vacation photos.) (Edited 8/11/07 to include photos!)

But, the very next day we were looking at a three hour flight to Boston with Cora. While the flight does not qualify for a “picnic” rating, it was much better than I expected it to be. Cora did not try to get onto the ground, she did not scream the whole way, and she was very happy with her baby doll, the big surprise of the trip. I was very happy that I had done my doll research and found one that not only is washable and floats and dries quickly and smells nice, but also whose eyes CANNOT be poked out. Thank you, Corolle. (photo at left, Cora in the Boston airport in her new stroller with her doll; photo below taken at home after vacation)

We stayed a night with friends and their one-year-old son, had an amazing breakfast at the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, MA (pancake heaven – on the table were buckwheat ployes, Rhode Island jonnycakes, sweet potato pancakes with blueberries, and New York-style potato pancakes. In other words...heaven! And the inspiration for my Fall 2007 Pancake Survey Project – but that's another entry). Cora had a great time playing with Nicholas and his toys, and her screams of horror at being expected to sleep in a pack-n-play were just a hint of what we would be in for once darkness had fallen every night of the vacation. She also did her little stand up and take three steps and sit down again routine a few times.

I think, if she had the words, she would have been pointing out that it is a pack-n-PLAY, not a pack-n-SLEEP-IF-YOU-CAN-WHILE-YOUR-PARENTS-SNORE-THREE-FEET-AWAY-FROM-YOU.

Then it was into the rental car (a sweet Ford Freestyle) and on to Haverhill, NH.

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