Saturday, August 11, 2007

AugustFest in New Hampshire (Part Two)

Instead of going into all the details of what happened every day (suffice to say that every day involved beloved friends, great food, red wine, giggling children, and beautiful scenery), here are some photos to enjoy.

Every year there is an amazing bonfire. I cannot describe the thrill of arriving at the house and seeing a huge mound of brush that completely fills and hides the deep firepit next to the garage. And where else can you see a fire lit with a flamethrower?

This is what it is really all about - lounging on a nice lawn beside the house, watching the baby play with her little stuffed dog, with really nothing pressing to do.

Did I mention the generous amounts of wine? And beer. And food. And love. How often do you find a true second family? Not often in my experience, and we feel so lucky that it has happened for us. This was our third time at the NH party and I loved realizing that I knew almost everyone there, that I felt like I belonged.

This is the very best picture from the entire week. Cora and Eva getting reacquainted, sitting in these little beach chairs, looking like they're in their fifties and discussing what someone's fashion-challenged niece was wearing yesterday at the club. Cora loved these chairs. She sat in one every chance she got. We have to find her one. Eva gave Cora the best nickname yet: CoCo!
Well, this is a pretty sweet picture, too - Cora and her best friends, Eva and Sophie and Claudia, who are living in NH until New Year's. We miss them so much! I mean, here I am, updating my blog at 8:16pm on a Saturday night instead of being at their house, full of their dad's yummy food, about to thrill the girls with an exciting dessert.
We stayed at the Nootka Lodge this year, a new experience for us. Cora found our room to be the perfect size for exploring. She also enjoyed the Nootka's pack-n-play...provided she wasn't expected to spend any time asleep. Yes. Her T-shirt says "Hello, my name is Cutie." Yes, this is just the sort of toddler-wear I have sneered at other people for putting on their children. But, you, see, in Cora's case it is totally true.
On the Sunday of our trip Chris went on this insane hike. Afterwards he said, "I'm so glad you and Cora didn't come with us." And I knew exactly what he meant.

Cora in the Nootka again - the bottom rail of a desk makes the perfect place to sit, especially when the chair it at the perfect height to rest your elbow on, and from that angle, yes, you can still watch Elmo.

Did we have a good time? Yes we did. Look at this happy family!

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