Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A week later, not so smug.

Awhile ago I read about how when babies make big developmental steps, they will often regress in their sleep patterns. Not my baby, I thought. She learned to crawl without the dreaded sleep regression. She started pulling herself up without sleep regression!

How many times does a person need to teach the Greek tragedies before she recognizes hubris when she's up to her neck in it?

I am thinking about taking some hairpins to my ears.

Hello sleep regression. Hello "I took my nap already - in the car, remember! A whole 15 minutes!" Hello "I fell asleep like an angel an hour ago and now I want to make sure my lungs still work." Hello "I want more food so I can pour it on the floor cause I'm too damn tired to eat but I'm HUNGRY I TELL YOU HUNGRY."

And that was just today.

But, she is a very smart baby and makes up for this by saying "Mama" every once in a while on purpose. By letting my students play with her while I read their papers. By smiling at all my colleagues and crawling after them, giggling the whole way. By using the sign for "more". By mastering the sippy cup. And, thankfully, by putting herself back to sleep not too long after waking up.

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Chris--Daddy said...

that picture on the bottom reminds me of the cover of the Nixon in China CD...the one with Chairman Mao waving & smiling to the party faithful. Coincidence?