Saturday, April 7, 2007

Help Cora Choose Her Easter Outfit

Here are two possibilities that Cora seems to think would be the most exciting and comfortable outfits to wear for Easter. She's decided to let America choose! (I knew we would regret letting her watch American Idol, I just didn't think it would happen so fast...)

Keep in mind, America, that the weatherpeople are forecasting temperatures so cold that it is doubtful Daddy will be playing his trombone at the early morning outdoor service for fear of having to wear a trombone frozen to his lips for the rest of the day.
Option A: Lovely red fleece sleeper with nice doggy on it and slip-resistant footies.
Option B: Stylish diaper featuring a Sesame Street character, plus that ever popular symbol of spring, a baseball cap at a jaunty angle.

1 comment:

Daddy said...

Option B Option B!!!!
Where's the beer, anyway?