Sunday, April 15, 2007

Spring, Beautiful Spring!

Today it feels like it really is spring after all. Not only because it is sunny and warmish and birds are singing and other people's bulbs are coming up, but also because today Cora and I had our first picnic of the year!
Chris is at an all-day workshop. So, this morning after he left I got Cora dressed - an ordeal in itself - who knew wearing clothes could be so painful? But she is very cute in her swing dress that is more of a long shirt now as we change sizes again - but I don't want to give this sweet dress up yet! And pants that are also too short (but we haven't replaced any white pants in the new size yet). And her new pair of BabyLegs - so cute!

And off we went to Whole Foods for a fresh supply of delicious baby food. On the way there we drove past a park that I'd never really noticed before. By then it was about 10:30, and I knew we would be at the store for a while because that store has the same effect on me that warbly recorder music has on king cobras - I start swaying in a hypnotic trance as soon as I enter, thinking, Yes, I do really need a tub of goat cheese whipped with lavender and honey! (A treat I narrowly prevented from jumping into my cart.)

So at the store I also bought us a picnic lunch, and on the way home we stopped at that park and ate lunch and watched kids on the equipment. When we were done eating, I tried Cora out in a little baby swing, but she wasn't really into it. So we watched other kids swing. I held her while sliding her down the slide several times, which was a big hit. And we found a funky little piano-like toy mounted on a post that she enjoyed playing. Then, home we came, and up to napland.

If only I'd had my camera with me...but I will try to catch her in the dress and BabyLegs later today. In the meantime, here is a photographic answer to the question "How do you know your baby has seen enough Sweeney Todd?"

"At last my arm is complete, again!!!"


GrannyJan said...

That is a spoon in her hand, though, right? Not a knife? Cora, the demon gobbler of Mpls!

mek said...

I like that - demon gobbler! - she is too. But, yes, it is a spoon with a nice safe soft rubber coating. We don't take pictures of her with the knives.