Thursday, February 15, 2007

Valentine's Day - Romance or Vomit...your choice.

Unfortunately for everyone, Cora's first Valentine's Day began late the night before with strange noises coming from her room that apparently involved creating a lake of banana-squash-aloha mango chicken vomit in the crib. We arrived on the scene of her biological art installation sooner than she expected and she was forced to deposit the final addition to the lake down my pajama top. It was late and I was very tired and my only really coherent thougth was, "Man that is some warm barf."

The day wasn't too bad once I realized that solid food was not going to stay down (I realized this at breakfast as I lifed her out of the suddenly-swamped high chair - I'm a quick study). So we spent the day just nursing and drinking juice and water bottles. She was cranky and clingy but still trying desperately to smile at me from time to time. Poor girl.

She is better today, no longer barfy (thank goodness!), and over the course of the day her appetite came back. I'm looking forward to a return to all normality tomorrow.

On the plus side, Chris stayed home from choir practice (hymns just don't sound as sweet when the baby's just puked on your clothes, I guess), we had a great steak dinner and a yummy bottle of wine. I know Chris really loves me because he not only got me a chocolate bar, but also band-aids designed to look like bacon strips! (Picture coming soon, I promise!)

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