Thursday, February 22, 2007

Homemade Baby

Although Cora has never been too excited about most of my homemade baby food, preferring the ultra smooth texture of mass processed (albeit organic) baby food (reminiscent of people preferring storebought ultra white bread to the grainier and hardier homemade loaves), I have found something I can make that she will like.


At least until she turns thirteen and realizes that MOM is not, as a clothing label, as cool as she has been led to believe. First effort: a pinafore and pants. Both were meant to be big on her and really be more along the lines of summer wear. The pinafore will work fine for this. The pants maybe not. At least on this first pair, the waistband needs to be a little looser, and I think the seam allowance is probably a little too wide. Still...she's pretty cute in it!

Finger food is all the rage these days. She has started insisting on having things to feed herself while she is being fed her very smooth and pricy food. How does she insist? By mock-screaming in between bites unless she's able to sneak a puff or cheerio. And she prefers puffs - picks out and eats the little stars before the oaty-o's. Actually, I prefer the puffs, too.

As you can see, we continue to wear hats to the table, despite all the rules of good manners. She is a true daughter of the West.

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