Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Joy of (Grilled) Cheese

Today I played hooky from my office hour and instead met Chris and Cora for lunch at Snuffy’s - a little burger and malt shop in St. Paul. They got there ahead of me and when I walked in, Cora had this look of amazed surprise on her face. Well, it was an unprecedented occasion.

Chris and I had our burgers, mine with onion rings, his with french fries, and split a chocolate malt. Cora has been eating a lot of "people food" lately - she loves rotini and egg yolks and toast and meatballs (oh boy does she love meatballs!) - so we got her a half a grilled cheese sandwich just for fun. She hasn’t been too excited by cheese yet, but we also had back-up baby food.

No need for any back-ups. She ate the entire half sandwich, except for the crusts, tiny piece by tiny piece. I would cut up a bunch of pieces for her, set them in front of her high chair, and eat some of my lunch while she ate hers (I love this new self-feeding trend!). Chris and I took turns sneaking in bites of pears, too.

It was great - Chris and I got to eat and talk, Cora got to try a fabulous new food, and we were a happy little family.

About half way through the sandwich Cora grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and squealed with delight. A little like in the photo above (from last Sunday morning), but with a little bit more earnest mania.

Yes, Cora, there is nothing better than going to Snuffy’s.

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Auntie Cara said...

A girl after my own heart!