Friday, January 14, 2011

FFF: Hibernation

Nora's theme this week is hibernation - something we are quite familiar with up here in the northern midwest! But, really, what better time to hibernate than when the zombies are roaming the snowy streets? Cora has helpfully made a sign so that those pesky monsters will keep right on shuffling. While I am pleased to see that this zombie has kept its clothes on (she once told me, "you can't be a zombie because you are clean and you're wearing your clothes."), I am disturbed by that third leg.

So, lock your doors, get your flannel jammies on, and drink your cocoa in bed!


nora said...

I was supremely unaware that zombies were clothes-less, commonly known as "nakkie" at our house. Who knew? Wish you were closer friend. Miss you.

lisa said...

i am loving the arms. i can't tell if it's surrender, celebration, or what...but i am all about that zombie.

Melinda said...

What an imagination!!