Saturday, October 11, 2008

What is more fun...

than listening to your husband sing Ariel the Mermaid's "Ahh ahh ahh' song in the bathroom while your toddler brushes her teeth?


Cara said...

...hearing that theme in a composition of his in 10 years and knowing EXACTLY where is came from and getting to mock him for it?!? I am already looking forward to THAT fun! :-) xoxo!

jen said...

i had to leave a comment.
i was mindlessly playing around with blog names to see if anyone else is a cora mommy...
and you do!
and you live in mpls!

i have a cora too!
and i live in mpls!

i won't stalk you...sorry! i just had to comment.

plus husband singing little mermaid. too funny. we recommend that my husband DOES NOT sing. at all.