Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 2008: Part 1

Cora and her pigs - believe it or not, it turns out that one is the baby and one is the mommy!
Cora takes her coloring very seriously these days.
And, she still likes sitting in small boxes. What this means, I can't imagine.
Daddy is still her favorite photography subject...
But an assortment of toys spilled across the floor runs a close second. (I am sparing you the close ups of the back of Baby Tidoo's head, the scary perspective shots of Elmo's gaping maw, and many many thumb-obscured photos.)
She is very concerned that Tidoo be smiling in the pictures, too.
Cora and her friend Eva, ready to take on the entire apple orchard.
This horse swing tried to throw her many times, but she managed to keep a death-grip on that rope and stay on. Is bronco busting in her future? (I hope not.)

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