Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mommy's Turn

Throughout the day at our house you can hear these words sung out, howled, screamed, whispered, and cried. It is almost always Mommy's Turn. To get her dressed. To watch TV with her. To take a nap (which is not as restful and generous as it sounds - it involves lying on the floor and being covered with ten blankets, having your thumb stuffed in your mouth, being told to close your eyes, being patted rather firmly, and then just when you think it isn't so bad after all, having "wake up!" shouted at you. And then, "again!"). To help her brush her teeth. To read stories. To drive the car. To unbuckle her booster seat belt.

But most of all, it is Mommy's Turn to change the diaper.

While I'm sure this is "developmentally appropriate" (a term we once heard used to describe children running wild screaming in a small enclosed space where other children were trying to do a planned activity), it is not exactly convenient. Not only does Mommy need for it to be Daddy's turn once in a while, but after a day or two of near total exclusion, Daddy really does want a turn. If only to stop Mommy from drinking so much. Not to mention hiding in the bathroon reading month-old New Yorkers. (Not that I would ever do this...but did you see the article on the prehistoric cave paintings? Very cool.)

It is nice to be wanted, but exhausting to be always in demand.

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