Saturday, August 9, 2008

Love, love, love

Cora has discovered love. She has started declaring her love for certain things and people, and the effect these declarations have on us range from laughter and delight, to emotions more bittersweet. Some examples from yesterday:

Yesterday. Cora and I were sitting at the table while she ate her lunch, and she was staring intently into the front room, and we had this conversation:
"What are you looking at, Cora?"
"My pictures."
"The ones on the TV?"
"Yes! My kittycats!" We have photos of the cats - what we call their "glamour shots" - on top of the TV.
"And Uncle Ted's picture is there, too, right?" Ted is Chris's brother who died when Chris was 18. His high school senior picture is also on the TV.
"Yes," Cora said with a sigh, "I love my Uncle Ted."


Last night Cora and I were watching the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. It was still the pre-ceremony hoopla, and she was sitting on my lap. I asked her, "Who does Mommy love?"
"You love Daddy!"


Finally, the performance starts. I am an Olympics junkie, and I love the opening and closing ceremonies, especially. This year's was absolutely amazing - the parts I was able to watch. Chris was playing a gig, and Cora was having an off night for falling asleep. But - she did watch the first part, with the 2008 drummers. She went and got her rhythm sticks and was playing a drum too, and at one point she shouted, "I love drums!"

This combined with her answer to a friend's question of what instrument she wanted to play when she was older ("Drums!!"), tells me what we might be in for. Hopefully she can be steered towards the marimba. I can totally see her as an amazing marimba player.

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