Thursday, August 14, 2008

The last 30ish days

Apparently, I haven't downloaded photos from the camera since July 11th. Hmm. Did I mention that the passage of time, here at the end of summer, seems to have hit warp speed? A brief, illustrated recap of things that have happened since 7/11:

Grandma Jan, here is the end result of that time last January when you told Cora that the cupboard with all the pots and pans was her cupboard.

Early in August Chris and Cora both were sick for a day with fevers (embellished by Cora with vomit, and by Chris with mere groaning and grimacing). Vomit notwithstanding, she remained rather cheerful.

For some reason, August was also Back to the Binky month. Usually one is enough, but if you happen to find two...well, why not?

Wearing a towel on your wet head is the one true sign that you are a big girl now.

We made bread for Cora to take to her daycare class for "Share something special day" - it ended up as a loaf of cinnamon swirl bread. Those toddlers ate the whole damn loaf. Aided, no doubt, by the teachers! Cora loved the rolling pin, mashing her hands in the dough (you can just make out her handprints there), but unfortunately what she loved most was pinching up bits of dough or flour and eating it.

Riding on Daddy's shoulders is a big fun thing to do these days, especially while singing.

And, oh the fun you can have with a pan of water, a sponge, a bowl, an old pastry brush, and some little scoops! Who knew?

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Cara said...

She is SO CUTE. Can't wait to see you this weekend!