Friday, June 20, 2008

Hell Week Postmortem

It was not, of course, so bad. Wednesday was tough, with the no nap situation and the rain all day situation and the one-car-that-Daddy-took-to-the-library-all-day situation. But, on other days we went on a picnic to a new playground and walked at the very windy and kinda chilly lake (where we saw a guy jogging without his shirt, prompting Cora to point and exclaim "That man naked!").

We had a really nice playdate (well, after the first hour of the "mine! mine! mine!" territory setting). We went to the art place and made, well, art. We put up wall decals, which Cora definitely loves - just last night she pointed at the lion and said "Lion sticker! Mommy made it!" Basically, if you touched it or presented it, you made it. The difference between buying a new shirt and making one is, in Cora's worldview, rather subtle.

And then it was back to school this week (and early bedtimes! Boy, that playing with a pack of other kids outside in the sun really wears you out! And makes you filthy dirty! Hooray!). Tomorrow is Chris's book deadline. I have bibliographied my way into a stupor tonight.

I wanted to post tonight (and yesterday) about the book I am reading and loving right now...but I think the little fingers have had it with the keyboard. It is time to go upstairs, lie in bed, and think about all the mosquito bites that I really shouldn't scratch. Not even once. Not even really, really lightly. Not even an inch to the left. Or the right. Or accidentally by scraping my leg along the edge of the bed. Nope. OK.

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nora said...

Between the week and mosquitos, its brutal! At least we are going into a sunny weekend! Maybe the bugs will die off - or maybe I will find a way to be immune to them...