Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beginning of Summer

Every once in a while my laptop simply refuses to download pictures from our digital camera, leaving grandmas from California to Hamburg gnashing their terrible teeth and rolling their terrible eyes and making snippy comments, which as we all know is even worse than the teeth-and-eyes business.

But, it requires waiting it out and catching the laptop unawares so that it just downloads the pictures without a fuss. You know, the old "Let's see what people are saying at PostSecret today...OR WE COULD DOWNLOAD PHOTOS!!!"

But it finally worked - two weeks of photos! Whew. So, here is a brief recap of summer thus far (which, for the record, not so much like summer, weatherwise). And then I'll tell you about Hell Week.

The princess dress-up clothes are still well-beloved - what I think is noteworthy about this instance is that all on her own, Cora has paired the Cinderella top with the cinderella skirt with the broom. She has never heard the story or seen the movie.

Cora, in the car, removing her shoes and socks - a pretty typical sight for us. This is on the way to her "dance recital" - the music and movement class, and the creative movement classes for the 4-6 year olds, put on a separate performance at a local park. When we were leaving, Cora put up a big protest about the car seat. Back into the house. No picnic. No performance. Sitting in the time-out chair thinking about what we want to do. Back out to the car. Into the car seat without incident. To the park...

We arrive in time to see her classmates finishing up the Teddy Bear dance. But, we still get to sit and watch the older kids, have our picnic, ride in the surrey bikes, see the waterfall, get ice cream, play in the rain, and see some nice dogs...

and a rainbow, too. As an English major, it is hard not to read too much into an evening like this one.

Cora in her little play tent.

Cora with her new set of dinnerware from her Colorado cousins and aunt & uncle. The cuppy had to be washed and filled with juice immediately, and the plate was used at dinner that night, which actually resulted in a huge amount of food being eaten by miss "oh no thank you, I had a strawberry for lunch and couldn't possibly eat another bite." Sweet!

In the next three photos, you see Cora with her new bath dolly from her cousins, aunt and uncle in Sacramento. Does she like her mermaid bath doll with the REALLY long hair? Well, let's just say...YES!

OK, so about Hell Week. Remember that week in college when you had a test in every class at once? Yeah - me neither, because I was an English major, but I heard about weeks like this from other people.

Chris is in the homestretch of his book (which is good, because his deadline is in two freaking weeks), I volunteered to type for him because his deadline is in two freaking weeks and he is a freaking Luddite when it comes to writing (and I mean that in the nicest, most supportive way possible), week Cora's daycare is closed for vacation week. I like that they give everyone on staff a full week, I think that is humane and laudable, but I wish it were, oh, a week in July, say. So, Cora and I will be spending the week in various other activities and outings and such and while I know there will be many lovely and fun times, I also know that all in all it will be extremely exhausting. While we may go for walks in the park, it won't be a walk in the park, if you know what I mean.

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