Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today is my Momma's birthday!

Happy birthday, Momma!

I've been thinking about what I should write about my Momma, and how if I actually listed all her best qualities, no one would believe she could possibly exist! (Although I do count her secret streak of deep black humor as one of her best qualities - I know not everyone would, but I do!)

My Momma is an amazing cook who loves to try new recipes and can make anything from the homiest of comfort food to extremely fancy dishes. My favorites include her special salad with warm goat cheese wheels and roasted pear halves, her prime rib, and I have some fond memories of my childhood favorites, meatballs in Yorkshire pudding and hot dog casserole! But one of my favorite childhood memories is her book of kids' cakes and how we could look through it and pick the cake we wanted for our birthdays. My brother Rob was a strict adherent to the castle cake, but I tried to pick a different one every year, with the cat cake being one of my favorites.

She's also possessed of an artist's eye for color and composition, although because she lack's an artist's giant ego (hee hee), she would deny this. We have several quilts that she has made, and each is different and beautiful and loved. I always look forward to hearing about her new projects and seeing them over Skype or in pictures. She is responsible for my own interest in quilting. And each time she branches out into something new, the result is amazing, as with Cora's yo-yo bunny (the beloved Mr Bunny).

She's musical, she's funny, she's got fashion sense and understands accessories (while I still think socks are accessory enough for me), she's a good listener and a good conversation partner, she's keeping herself healthy, she's kind, she's politic, she's a spiritual seeker, she's a good gardener, and she's one of my favorite traveling companions.

But, aside from all this, she is (in my opinion) the perfect mother for me and my fervent hope is that I can be half the mother to Cora that my Momma is to me!

Happy birthday, Momma! I love you!

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