Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Taking photos blind

The other day Cora wanted to sit on my lap and have me take pictures of us. So I took a few...and then turned the camera around to see the results. Hmmm.

Later, after her nap, she wanted to wear this piece of cloth she calls "the daddy blanket" - it is brown, batiked with white zebras and stars, and Auntie Tricia brought it back from Africa for me. (To my knowledge, Chris has never actually worn this, so I'm not sure why it is the daddy blanket. On a similar note, Cora has decided that Daddy's bathrobe is actually his dress.) Auntie Tricia also brought back a green length of cloth, this one with a fringe, that is batiked with magenta and gold alligators; Cora calls this one "the mama blanket".
In the following photos you can see Cora wrapped up in the daddy blanket. She really likes to wear things like this - she has some playsilks that she also likes to wear like a headscarf. As you can imagine, things quickly went from pensive to silly again - I am sparing the world another fingers-in-the-nose shot.

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Eleanor said...

these photos are awesome. i love checkin in to see what corabelle is up to!