Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Chris!

There are a lot of birthdays in May! Another Taurus dear to my heart is my husband, Chris, who turns 40 today. 40, as you may already know, is the new 30. So, today on my list of things to accomplish is to bake a delicious chocolate cake with mint buttercream frosting...a cake big enough to hold ALL THOSE CANDLES.

Last night we went to see August Wilson's play The Gem of the Ocean and it was fantastic. While Gem is the last play WIlson wrote, it is the first in his 20th Century series, in which he wrote a play for every decade of the 20th C., tracing the African American experience, primarily in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Gem is set in 1904. This fabulous outing - which included dinner at a nearby restaurant - was my Mother's Day gift (even though all I asked for was a sprinkle donut from the neighborhood bakery).

This is one of the things I love so much about Chris - not only does he know the kinds of things I enjoy doing, but he enjoys them too. I love that we can do things like this together and it isn't like one is making a huge concession to the other. It's fun to be able to drive home along the river, talking about Wilson's plays and comparing the ones we know and talking about the many images of justice and redemption Gem offers the audience to ponder.

He's a good talker, that man of mine, and a good listener. And, he's pretty handsome too.

You know, for an old guy.

Did I mention he's a really good dad, too?

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nora said...

We second that! Happy Birthday Chris!