Monday, January 21, 2008

News from CoraLand

These days Cora is exploding with language. Sometimes we know what she is saying, sometimes we don't, sometimes we can hardly believe what we are hearing. She has her own names for her favorite books and songs.

She sometimes has long (slightly peeved) conversations with her babies. She picks up her toy phone and says, "Hello!" Then laughs, then says "Bye Mama" and hangs up. I wonder who she most often hears me talking to? I love hearing her "phone laugh"!

She has ideas about clothes. She has ideas about shoes - like one should always wear them, unless one is in the car, in which case they should be removed, and if one's feet are then cold, well, what better topic to complain about?

She does not like to push her shopping cart unless there is a baby in the seat. She likes best to sit in her Elmo chair when Elmo (Momo) is on the TV. She loves her Hokey Pokey Elmo but fears the animatronic bunny.

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