Monday, January 21, 2008

A brief catching up

In the days since the last posting, Chris has gone to Jamaica and returned (singing and playing trombone in 11 concerts in six days, while still managing to get a wicked sunburn), Grandma Jan has been to stay with us, I have been sick with some abbreviated form of flu (I thought it was food poisoning, but now other people are telling me they have had similar cases in the past couple months), and now we are all busy dealing with the fact that Spring Semester starts in one week even though we may not get above freezing until the end of the month. Hee hee!

Spring (the semester, not the season) will be a welcome change from the fall (though less financially rewarding) as I will have just one class, the freshman course in poetry and drama. I am excited about the books I chose, even though as usual I am bothered by having to leave out some very good poems. There are some I've had to admit just don't work well with the average first year student, some that I can't bear to have "dissected" again (oh how they love that word for interpreting poems! really, "vivisected" would be more accurate - you can just hear the poems screaming), some I'm just tired of teaching and need a short break from, and some just don't fit neatly into the thematic groupings I am using this time around.

I am hoping this decrease in coursework will equal an increase in time spent in creating - I would love to see myself devoting more time to my writing and quilting than I did in the last four months of the year (not that hard, as any amount of time would be an increase). Plus, there are a lot of house projects to be tackled. I'm kicking off this anticipated season of creativity with a workshop this coming weekend, which I hope will lead to a kind of "fountain of youth" of either inspiration or motivation (I will take either!). I know that most of the time I am my own worst enemy, distracting myself with false obligations, postponeable chores, and inane diversions. Knowing this has yet to make me immune.

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