Wednesday, January 2, 2008

HELLO 2008, in which I hope to have more time for reading, writing, blogging, and breathing

I can hardly believe I survived the fall semester. Did I already mention that, contrary to what you (I) might think, 60 papers is actually A LOT more than 40? I'm trying to say it often so that I might remember it next time. Although, of course I would do it again - it was so nice to be able to get take-out food! But next time I will be better prepared. Right?

We are also glad it is 2008 because our friends who were living in NH are back in town. We tried to celebrate the new year with them, but after a delicious dinner and the start of a fun 10pm Cora had that glazed "I'm not going to sleep, but I will run into walls" look. So we came home, she went to sleep immediately in her own bed, and we followed suit shortly after midnight. Whoo hoo! This is exactly what I always dreamed being an adult was like!

But she has reason to be happy to be in her own bed. After our Christmas week of traveling in Southern California, we are all a little thrilled to be back in our own beds, even though there is nothing quite like being loved and spoiled by one's own mother (now, THAT is exactly what I always dreamed being an adult was like! As fun as my childhood, but with later bedtimes and adult beverages!)

A few photos from New Year's Day - a day that was full of hats and coffee.

Please, Mama, no more pictures.

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