Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New in CoraLand

WEATHER REPORT: Spring finally makes a special appearance in Minneapolis! Yesterday it was 65 degrees and sunny and lovely! Over the last few days we have taken walks (Cora now rides in her stroller like a big kid - facing forward!), played outside, touched the disappearing snow, and heard newly returned birds boasting about their tans.

BOOK REPORT: On the floor beside the dining room table I have a pile of library books (well where do you keep yours?). Poetry books, baby development books, mystery books, Chris's music history books, books on other subjects I'm interested in. Cora loves to crawl over there and topple the stack of books and then rummage through them. Every time she pulls out the same book. She finds it, pulls it out in front of her, stares at it, picks it up (right side up!), and touches her forehead to the top of the cover, then smiles. Is it the baby development book? No. It is the memoir by Bill Bass, founder of The Body Farm. Is it because she likes skulls? Is it because the skull bears a resemblance to Mr Froggy? Is it because I read Beowulf to her in the womb?

FOOD REPORT: Cora is excited about two new foods. Macaroni and cheese and oh the ham the ham the ham. More ham please. No, really, more ham now! And pizza. When Chris made us pizza last night I made a little thin crust one for Cora with just sauce and cheese and she loved it. She also really likes playing with the spoon after meals - this picture is from after breakfast this morning.

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