Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Hair Story

So I decided to give up my hair for Lent. Hee hee, just kidding. About the Lent part. Do you know it has been about 12 years since I had my hair cut professionally? (I mean, Mom's good, but she's not doing it professionally.) So for a while I have been harboring a desire to cut my hair. Then I started talking about it to Chris about two weeks ago. And then Monday I decided that it was time!

So I made an appointment for the next day at a neighborhood salon spa that opened about a year and half ago. It's a nice place - friendly, not outrageously expensive, and, best of all, nearby. Plus, the shampoo scalp massage alone was worth it - my daylong headache vanished!

I ended up having it cut a little shorter than my original intention so that it would be long enough to donate. Of course, as the stylist merrily clipped away (frequently asking, "So, this isn't freaking you out?"), I started to wonder if Cora would be the one to freak out!

No. She didn't. In fact, when I came home and Chris carried her over to see me, she laughed and reached out and patted my hair. Then we took pictures. Chris really likes the one of me looking slightly upset about the hair. Don't let the expression fool you - I like my new hair!

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