Friday, January 19, 2007

This is really cool, isn't it? Want one of your own? Go to this page and you can make your very own catalog card! If you are a library geek like Chris, yours will probably actually have a real call number.

Over the last couple days, the length of the pre-nap cry has been decreasing bit by bit. But today was something all new! Just a few minutes of crying, following by about 10 minutes of talking to Mr Waddles, followed by about 5 minutes of intermittent grumbling and thumbsucking which I hope is leading (soon) to actual napping. She's also roamed all over the crib. Unfortunately I think she is starting to get ideas about pulling up on the crib rails.


Chris said...

Well, actually, this Dewey number [snort] is for Moral and character development of children, which [snort] I don't find entirely relevant to the work at hand. I would rather suggest, heh, 304.2, which is the number for Human-animal relationships. Of course this is a toy animal, so perhaps, it should be classed in the number for play, which is [snort] 790.1/33. Heheheh.

erk said...

I am STUNNED by the pure geekiness of Chris' comment.