Thursday, January 4, 2007

Long time, no update

Here is Cora on Christmas morning, once we finally got around to all eating breakfast. Clearly her Daddy is about to do something fabulously silly.

Oh the holidays! Once again they have rushed past in a blur of delicious dinners, fabulous friends, and beloved oodles of baby fun!

Cora's favorite Christmas treats? A ball, some blocks, some soft stuffed doggies, lovely books and clothes. And a tooth! She seems to also be working on a second one. She's also moving up in the food world - crackers became a special treat in the new year.

Bedtime is once more something of a challenge. We had such a beautiful routine with the bassinet, and it worked so well. The crib is more problematic. Once she falls asleep she is 93% sure to sleep through the night. But if I'm putting her to bed she is about 110% sure to scream if I set her down unless she has truly been nursed into oblivion. (Not ideal! I know! The baby is supposed to be drowsy, not asleep, so she learns to fall asleep on her own! It worked great for the bassinet. Not now!) She seems more amenable to Daddy putting her down for the night, but that isn't always possible. Alas.

I'll come back and write more later. But, for the record, here is one of my favorite recent pictures. Not only do I love her expression, and her toes, but I really like the composition.

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