Thursday, January 25, 2007

Books, Marvelous Books!

Cora really likes her books - sure, they make a tasty snack, but they also have great pictures! And some have really cool textures! Here she is with her That's Not My Robot book - one robot's ears are too prickly, one's feet are too squashy, etc. Books with pictures of babies are another big hit. Baby Faces is standard after dinner reading.

I doubt that anyone is surprised to hear that she likes to look at books, as both Chris and I also enjoy looking at books. While it is beyond too late to start keeping any kind of useable list of our books, it isn't too late for Cora! Especially not with the help of! Cora's library is online there, well, most of it is. There is still one shelf of her books and a few shelves of my childhood books to be entered, but as far as boardbooks go this is fairly complete. LibraryThing is just really cool, too, and people should know about it!

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