Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Monday, someone said something to me that both simultaneously filled me with excitement and panic: "Christmas is only about five weeks away."

I should have known, given the uptick in commercials devoted to toys and electric shavers and diamond jewelry (only one category in that list is of any interest to anyone at my house - can you guess which one?). But immediately my mind was swirling with ideas and questions about baking and making and matching nice gifts to nice people.

Now it is Wednesday night. I have an excellent start on a battery of lists. That always makes me feel like I am really accomplishing something!  I also finally located the box full of felt cut-outs for our tree skirt. For about eight years it has gone unadorned, but I swear that this year it will have some trees, stars, deer, birds, and rabbits on it!


Mary G said...

The Christmas catalogues are piling into our house this last week. Some of them are completely bizarre - want a nose hair trimmer in your stocking?
I bought some Christmas wrap and ribbon this week. And I have four gifts. That's it so far, but I assure you none of the gifts has anything to do with nose hair.

mek said...

I am glad to hear that about the gifts you have so far! :)

GrannyJan said...

I can't wait to see that tree skirt in all its embroidered glory!