Thursday, September 29, 2011

The trouble with the buffet

I talked with my mom on the phone this morning, trying to sort through the difficult choices and dilemmas that life has been sending my way lately, and she said that maybe the Universe is sending me a buffet of choices so that I can better understand what I really like to do.

I can see the wisdom in this. But I still kind of wish I had a continental breakfast menu and was choosing between the bagel and the sweet roll.

Of course, sometimes a buffet is not as broad a choice as it seems. A seafood buffet, for example, would still probably only be offering me two choices that I would be interested in. Or, you know, sometimes you look at the buffet and wonder how long that food has been sitting there.

Don't you love how the further you extend the metaphor, the more ridiculous it becomes?

I remember when Cora was around three years old and, faced with two choices and wanting neither, she would cry, "These are NOT my options!"

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the Wesmister said...

hey I feel your pain, life is hard right now and that is a good metaphor, I think I might start following you or something.