Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last night while Cora and I were eating dinner she announced that she was the mommy and I was the daughter. This actually happens on a nearly daily basis. But, in a new twist, this time I was told that now that I was five years old, I had to stop sucking my thumb and be a big girl.


Cora herself is four, still a fairly new four, and still quite a devotee of The Thumb. The thumb-sucking as diminished over this year, mostly only popping up when she is tired, sad, scared, or falling asleep. Because it is diminishing, I haven't ever made a fuss about it. In the winter I try to get her to lay off a little due to the chapping (ugh), but that's about it.

Further discussion and role-playing revealed that I could still put my thumb in my mouth if I were really, really scared, if I was falling asleep, and if I was at home.

I should know better, but I am still sometimes amazed at her ability to plan ahead.


Doc G said...

She can also apparently see the future.

Granny Jan said...

I've said it before -- you guys will have to be awfully fast on your mental feet with this one! Lucky for Cora, her momma is just as deep a thinker as she is.
I love reading these conversations!

~Tara said...

Mmm, I so love these play stories they create when they are thinking through things or afraid of things. Such important moments of processing and it's so beautiful that you could play along and allow her to come to her own place of peace about this. :)