Monday, March 31, 2008

Out like a (snowy) lion

Last nights the weather reports were full of dire predictions of 7-9 inches of snow due to fall today between 7am and 7pm. I'm not sure how much we will really get - I think it is warmer than anticipated and perhaps not quite so much snow, but we have probably made it to at least three or four inches by now, and the flakes are still falling.

Our usual Monday morning playgroup at church didn't meet this morning, so Cora and I were free to enjoy the snow from within our snug little house. And, we got to watch Sesame Street, something we usually only can do on Fridays. Can you believe it - on Sesame Street this morning, there was NO Elmo's World segment! What is the world coming to?!

After that, we played the blanket game, a current favorite, which involves Cora sitting in a chair and shouting "Blanket!" and I put one on her, she shouts it again, I put another one on her, and so on. We have quite a collection of blankets down here now.

Then there was jumping practice (She's starting to actually get both feet off the ground at the same time) and dancing to our new Father Goose CD and snacktime, and then (bliss!) sitting and reading to ourselves! Cora read her books to her babies and I was able to sit and read my new Brain, Child magazine for a whole 15 minutes. Then up to naptime, for her, while I had lunch, read some more, cleaned up the kitchen and the blankets, and decided to spend some quality time with my personal friend, the Internet.

Our big plans for the afternoon? Walking in the snow and trying on all of Cora's accumulated sweaters and sweatshirts and raincoats and jackets to see which ones actually fit and which need to move on to new homes. Maybe we will bake some cookies. Maybe we will watch a little WonderPets. Maybe we will play with blankets some more.

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