Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February: Finding new ways to kick my ass

February has always been a tough month in our household, though usually in financial respects. This year, with the finances not as horrific as usual, February has had to find a new way to wreck her havoc on us.

Don't you think February must be a she? A kind of icy, glittery Snow Queen? One of those fairy tale figures who seems so beautiful, and yet is so cruel? I think this is a northern notion.

So, we have been sick, instead. And by we, I mean the adults. Cora has been unaffected by the stew of germs she lives in (a pause to give thanks), but Chris and I have managed to trade off being sick every week since the third week of January. This week we finally managed to sync up and get sick at the same time, albeit not with the same sickness. Chris got the horrible sore throat and voluminous phelgm. I got the fairly sore throat, fever, and chills, and general weakness. I even had to cancel class!

So, here's hoping that we reach the end of this ridiculous tag-team dance soon. If only so that one day we may have the strength to do the dishes and straighten up the house.

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Kat said...

Ugh, we've been continuously sick since mid-January too, mostly the kids though. Eric claimed to be sick two weeks ago and I told him he did not have permission to be ill, he came back with a doctor's note stating he had bacterial pneumonia, "Fine," I said, "you have two days to get back on your feet." This past week, influenza hit, first the boys then me. Here's to Tamiflu which got us better quickly, and here's to hoping March brings warm weather so we can get some fresh air.