Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A few firsts

This past weekend Cora experienced her first longish car trip (2.5 hours), her first excursion into Wisconsin (as an outside baby, anyway), her first seedy motel (learn to use a vacuum! No one likes their kid eating someone else's fried chicken skin off the carpet! Relax, grandmas, she didn't, Chris found it first. With his bare feet. Hee hee!), her first Happy Meal (forgive us), her first funnel cake (also her parents' first...what can I say, we were possessed by Wisconsin), her first small town carnival, and her first ride on a carousel (she loved it, of course, as it slowed down again she tried to make the horse go faster).

She was also mesmerized by the fireworks, especially the ones that did something else after they exploded, like changed colors, or exploded further; those ones made her laugh. She didn't sleep so well - there was a lot of driving around the little town and surrounding rural roads waiting for her to fall asleep, then hoping she would sleep while we parked and read, and then laughing at ourselves for being such dreamers. But it was sad laughter, you understand. On the way to the little town, when I thought she would nap, she slept a little, cried a little, talked to the Love Monkey a little. We hunted down a park and a DQ and that helped make it all worthwhile.

Cora now considers herself an experienced traveler and is willing to give advice to other babies about how to survive such excursions. She has very reasonable speaking fees.

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