Monday, May 14, 2007

Cora's Mom

When I chose "corasmom" as the address for this blog, it was kind of an in-joke, as I'm sure most of the people who really know me would find it at least odd, if not totally bizarre, that I would choose that. But, indeed, I have already had a little girl at church call me "Corasmom". As in, "Corasmom, look at this!"

Having just passed my second Mother's Day, it doesn't feel quite as strange. Isn't it always a little weird, adjusting to those new titles? Ones like sister, wife, professor, mom...those are the ones I have experience with anyway. It was a good Mother's Day. Breakfast at a great coffeeshop, where we all had quiche and pastries - Cora put away at least three-quarters of her very own blueberry muffin, and really good coffee for Chris and I. In church the kids did a musical about Daniel in the lion's den. Cora was not as captivated as I thought she would be, but she was interested periodically. We had dinner with wonderful friends (some wonderful enchiladas!). Really, most of my favorite things wrapped up in one day (and I also finished the latest mystery novel from the library...and started another one! Can you tell classes are pretty much over?).

What we didn't do is take pictures. Alas. But, we did on Saturday, which was also a wonderful day - better weather than Sunday, in fact. We had a late breakfast, since we all slept in. Here's a great picture from breakfast. Chris and Cora have this new game they play - when he's feeding her, and she sticks her foot up on the table, he pretends to feed the foot. To me, the look on her face says, "You gotta see this, Mom. He thinks he's feeding my foot! Dad is so gullible!"

Then we spent some time out front, trying to make some gardening progress. Really, the walkway up to the house looks a lot better. The perennials that are there can be seen more clearly without the tufts of weeds all around them, and eventually the new flowers will come up from the seeds I planted: cosmos, nasturtiums, zinnias. We brought Cora outside and set up her corral. She had a lot of fun. Two little neighbor girls came over to play with her for a while, too. She's very popular in the neighborhood. Surprise.

Also - Cora had her 12-month doctor visit last week. Her stats: 19.2 lbs (17th percentile), 30" (77th percentile).

And finally, by her own special request, I give you this photo of THE WORLD'S MOST NEGLECTED CAT (a designation she says has been scientifically proven): Emily. (Though, really, if sheer glee and volume are any indication, she may be Cora's favorite family member.)

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