Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hello Spring!

This year Cora decided to ring in the spring with a fever. Because she is so rarely sick, it was very strange to spend a day with her while she just curled on the couch watching PBS and listening to stories. Not much moving around yesterday.

Today I can tell she is on the mend, because she is her usual squirrelly self. She's still watching PBS, but also writing a letter to the tooth fairy, coloring, reading some of her library books, and being much more chatty than yesterday.

I've missed two days of work to tend to her, to make her homemade chicken soup, and to do a little handsewing while I sat beside her. It wasn't the start to the week that I had planned, but it has been pleasant in its own way and, coming off a more hectic than usual end of week/weekend, not entirely unpleasant.

Now we wait to see if the fever jumps to another family member, or if it really is done with us. In the meantime, it is good to see this smile back (at least until that VERY loose tooth comes out!)

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