Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter is Winter, as it turns out

Yes, we had a lovely reprieve in December and early January, as temperatures soared in the high 30s and the snow stayed away.

Yes, I know we need snow and ice and cold and even disgusting gray slush to maintain the natural order.

And yet...well, this picture from January 2011 still best expresses my feelings towards the Midwest winter.

(I'm not sure which expression I love more - Cora's SnowZombie face, or Trout's apparent protest to having to wear a headband.)


Rachel Hauser said...

Oh, that's funny. We've had a very mild winter as well.

triciadm said...

I agree with Cora about Midwest winter. She can move in with us whenever she wants to...though I recommend waiting until Truman stops biting people.