Friday, October 15, 2010

Computer games

A while ago I bought Cora a little toy "computer" - you can play number and letter games with it and it makes the most annoying monkey sound imaginable. We watch a fair amount of "Curious George" so I feel qualified to make that judgment. I think I bought it two years ago, and periodically she has pulled it out and pretended to work at her computer while I work at mine. But in the last six months she has begun to actually play the games.

I love watching her as she listens to the prompt and thinks about the answer.

And I love her victory dance when she gets an answer right. (Note the awesome skeleton pajamas. They glow in the dark! Although, Cora tells me that it kind of scares her when she looks at her legs under the covers and the bones glow. But she also likes it, so she keeps looking.)

Is there anything better than getting the answer right?!


Granny Jan said...

May she always be this excited by quizes!

Truth Dreath. said...

That is such a cute pic..... my little bro is just like that