Friday, March 12, 2010

Four new reasons why spring has to be on the way

This morning was a good morning. I dropped Cora off at school and we went through our new ritual where she walks me to the lunchroom door, gives me something out of her "pocket", holds the door for me, gets one more kiss, and then runs back to her cereal. Then I went to my favorite neighborhood cafe for a coffee and a muffin (plus a bag of coffee beans and a baguette) and waited for the Co-op to open. There is something about going to the co-op that makes me happy about cooking. I've struggled with that this year, with finding the happy in the cooking, as exhaustion and cooking for a preschooler has taken a toll. But I've got it today, and I am happy about that.

(I have to point out: preschooler. Not toddler. I'm trying to break the habit of calling her a toddler, because she is so not a toddler. A mother of one of the 2nd graders who is at Cora's daycare for before and after schoolcare stopped me in the hall the other day to say she had had quite a conversation with my daughter, and can't believe how many words she knows. I know! It's crazy! I love it! She also winks!)

Today at the co-op they had something guarenteed to stop me in my tracks. Seeds. A big display of seeds.

It is only March. Early March. I exercised restraint and only bought four packets. Brought them home. Took their picture. Decided I wanted to be able to see them all the time until I get their little seed-butts in the ground. (The best joke in our house right now? "Guess what!" "What?" "Chicken butt!" Oh yeah. Incredibly funny EVERY TIME.) SO, of course, I taped them up on the cupboards in the kitchen.

Where I tape all the things I want to see everyday. Don't you?

(One day, probably in an alternate universe,
I will have two English bulldogs
and their names will be Muscles and Roosevelt. )


triciadm said...

Oh, I do love seeing the seeds finally in the store! I wish I weren't such a black thumb!!

By the way, my pre-k'er is dying, dying, dying to visit your preschooler because she MISSES HER FRIEND SO MUCH! I tell her, I know how you feel, sista. We are working on a plan. ;>

Nora said...

I am tenatively thinking about seeds. Flowers mostly. But ready to take the next step to at least 1 vegetable.

Also, I love it when you blog. Its maybe my most favorite thing to read. And bulldogs? Who knew. And you thought slobber and drool from a 3 year old is bad!

TeTop said...

Love that you post favorite items on your cupboards!

This is my year to learn about seeds, and planting things and growing things. I have no clue what to do now that I have a yard, but I'm getting very excited!