Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Again: Countdown in session

We just, just, got hmoe from 10 days in California - first in Santa Barbara for a reunion with Chris's immediate family. Cora finally met her cousins on that side (and loved them) and we enjoyed revisiting the UCSB campus, the bookstore where we met, and other nostalgic places (Freebirds burritos - the original shop - still awesome). Then a few short days with my parents and grandma really relaxing, with no agenda other than to hit the pool, open a bottle of wine, and otherwise just hang out together.

Now, here we are home again, with a million things to do before Chris heads off to North Dakota. And it is hard. And I am trying to remain the cheerful and capable person everyone likes me to be, but I am also really sad. And nervous.

A brief snippet from our day yesterday. We were watching some episodes of Jamie Oliver's cooking show that my mom and DVRed and Cora wanted to know why we were laughing at the show.

Me: Because he's kind of a silly person.
Cora: Why is he silly?
Me: I think he was just born that way.
Cora: Well, *I* was born happy!

Indeed. She was, again, an excellent traveller. (Except for an episode of carsickness on the drive from SB to Irvine. Um, YUCK!)


triciadm said...

You don't always have to be cheerful and capable...just in front of the children, and in front of your students, and usually in front of your husband (but not all the time, which is at least something!) and on the phone (except not with me!) and with people you don't know so well...hmmm...i'm starting to see the trouble. Good luck, Miss Merie. Hang in there!

Cara said...

Cora! What a sweetie. And you - what a great mom and wife and friend. I miss you! You don't need to be cheerful and capable with me on the phone, either. :-) xoxoxo

Grandma Jan said...

Well, I think that cheerful and capable IS your true nature, Merie-Pie, but you are also a human being (I just love that about you) and are allowed every other emotional state in the spectrum! Be yourself - however that feels at the time! And, as you can see from the above comments, you will be loved and accepted no matter what.