Friday, May 8, 2009


Cora has known how to spell her name for quite a while now, and she knows the letter that some other words begin with, and she can identify all the letters.

But today I started to think she might know more than she was letting on. I said to her dad, "I was thinking we could go to the P-A-R-K with some F-O-O-D." And then she started talking about the park. Does she know how to spell that word? Was it a psychic link? Pure coincidence?

We decided to test her. Chris said to her, "How do I spell my name?" And we waited with bated breath for her answer.

"M-O-P-G-I-FOREHEAD!" She shouted.

So. Coincidence, then.

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triciadm said...

Well, it may be that she knows that P-A-R-K is park, even though she doesn't understand that you are spelling the word "park." Kate was like that with Z-O-O. She basically knew that zoo and Z-O-O were synonyms, but couldn't have really told you that zoo was spelled Z-O-O. Or maybe she's psychic. Those are my two theories. ;>