Monday, April 6, 2009


Tonight, after a long wrangle over getting ready for bed ended with both Cora and I lying on the floor after a tearful negotiation. I suggested that we pretend we were asleep until Chris came into the room. Cora said okay and snuggled up next to me. And then she was struck by inspiration.

"Hey mommy!"
"I the baby doggy and you the mommy doggy!"
"Okay, baby doggy, go to sleep."
She closed her eyes for about a minute, then opened them and said very solemnly, "You can lick me."

(I settled for brushing my hand on her cheek and making a slurping noise as my baby doggy snuggled closer and closed her eyes contentedly. For about 30 more seconds, and then we were on to the next imaginary scenario.)


Mary G said...

Perpetual motion and then, crash. Wonderful.

Cara said...

She is a cutie pie, that Cora.

chris said...

She doesn't let just anyone lick her!