Sunday, March 1, 2009

Square One: in which bad news and good news are received mere hours apart

So, we know one place we're definitely not moving to this year. (Bad news)
Chris has another phone interview this week. (Good news.)

I know, I know. Maybe it isn't bad news! Maybe the good news is that we're not moving to TX this year, because it would have been disastrous. Who knows but that the universe has spared us misery and sunshine in the interests of something much better still to turn up. It is supposed to be a comforting idea, and it is, really. Most of the time.

The rest of the time I can't help but think about those poor characters in novels who really suffer some drastic setbacks and misery, while the novelist toils away toward some happy ending, or some meaningful ending, or just an ending that could have been worse, so we decide it is happy. You know what I mean?

If my life is a novel, I hope it is more along the lines of Jane Eyre, say, than The Road.

I really, really hope my life is not a postmodern novel.


erk said...

OK, Check it out. I had four phone interviews here. Here's how each one would have played out:

#1: Contracts officer at the U. I totally bombed the phone interview. In my defense it was a committee interview with eight people at the other end and me. Still: contracts officer? What the heck was I thinking? Also, while there's nothing wrong with Eugene, it wasn't my first choice, not by a long shot.

#2 Operations Manager at a historical house museum. I looked them up the other day and the executive director has resigned and they are in big trouble financially.

#3 Operations Manager at a craft museum. Hey! What museum was just in the paper yesterday because they took too many risks, laid off all their staff, and are getting sold to a local for-profit university?

#4 Director of a new educational initiative through the local arts board. Hey, guess how the funding in arts is going right now? NOT GOOD. Guess who would be out of a job?

File it all under "happens for a reason" - I sure wasn't feeling it at the time but it was sort of reassuring to contemplate the other day.

nora said...

Can we think of a better novel than Jane Eyre?? How about Harry Potter (I know, but it has magic and fantasy and flying and that sounds good right?)

Square 1 is better than Square 0, right? And it does happen for a reason, sometimes they are just not your reasons and that's the hard part.

nora said...
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nora said...
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Cara said...

Back to square one, indeed. :-( But I am happy to hear about the next phone interview! I sort of like the Jane Eyre example, as I love that book so much, but hope that neither one of you end up BLIND. :-) Sorry if that was a spoiler for anyone... xoxo!